2001 & 2002 Bordeaux Tasting - Impressions

Another unforgettable wine tasting brought by Wine Watch, great job, Andrew!

I'll skip Tasting Notes, there are hundreds of professionals with palets better than mine who wrote volumes about those wines, they are readily available on the internet, so I'll stick to impressions those wines left me with.

Reception Wines

2003 Reynon, White Bordeaux
Elegant, good summer wine

2003 Blancherie, Graves
Left no impression. If I was given the choice between mineral water and 2003 Blancherie, I'd go for Pellegrino.

2003 Teaser Red

Ch Belair Fronsac 2003 2003 will be an interesting year for sure. "New World" meets "Old World"?

Flight One 2001 Vintage

La croix de Beaucaillou, St. Juien
The younger sibling of Ducru Beaucaillou showed some "green", bitter finish, I haven't finished the glass. Pass.

Du Tertre, Margaux
Has got my attention with pronounced nose, long finish and unmistakable Margaux charecter. It's a buy.

Pichon Lalande Comtesse, Pauillac
Tight, very light, not my cup of tea. Pass.

Les Forts de Latour, Pauillac
Pleasant barnyard nose, long finish, this one is a definately a contender, despite of it's "younger sibling" status. Some folks noticed hint of walnut, I haven't. Pass with regrets, pulling the trigger on this one was very tempting.

Cheval Blanc, St. Emilion
This one got "! ! !" in my notes. The star of the flight. Pure perfection. I wish I robbed banks for a living...I'd have good memorries about this one in prison. Pass with VERY DEEP regrets, @ $237 a bottle it a steep one to climb.

Pavie, St. Emilion
I'd call it an "excelelnt American" in the blind tasting, very innovative winemaker. This wine has it all - terroir AND the fruit, perfectly complementing each other. I can't resist...It's a buy.

Flight Two 2002 Vintage

Le Bon Pasteur, Pomerol
This one got me by the horns, a bit alchoholic, lots of chalk, moderate noticable oak. Wine Advocate #158 gave it only 88 points but...I don't drink points, I drink wine and this one is a buy

Pontet Canet, Pauillac
Disapointing, I expected more. Closed and tight. Pass.

Clerc Milon, Paullac

Pichon Baron, Pauillac
Very consistent wine, having 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000 in the celler, I know this winery relatively well. 2002 hasn't disapointed either. One thing I noticed about Pichon Baron, though, decanting doesn't improve this one, and having it oxidized in the glass reveals more charecter. The finish is mile looooooooooooong. Strong Buy, worth every cent of $52 a bottle.

Pichon Lalande Comtesse, Pauillac
so-so, very tanic, but the palete fatigue could be responcible for this impression. 94 points by Parker (WA #158), pass in favor of Pichon Baron

Chateau Margaux, Margaux
Elegance in it's purest form. Still very young, needs time in the bottle. This wine is standing on the pedestal marked "Class". I marked it pass, my better half has marked it buy, so it ended up as a "buy, 1-1 vote" Women always win those split decissions....with anticiapted maturity 2010 - 2030 (WA #158) I think it will just sing at my funeral. I hope she enjoys it more than my departure.

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