Bordeaux for Dummies

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No 2 PHD's required.
7 names to remember to know what's in the bottle without the varaietal been printed.

Merlot predominant:
Right Bank: Pomerol (Where Petrus is made) and St.-Emilion.

Cabernet Sauvignon predominant:
Left Bank: You have the Medoc, Haut-Medoc, and Graves regions which are broken down into a number of lesser regions.
But you only have to remember five, because you'll hear about them every day in the wine world.
They are: Margaux, Pauillac, St.-Estephe, and St.-Julien, and Graves.

Remember those 7 and you are an "expert"!

Member MikeM wrote:
Guys, thanks so much for the help and education. That's exactly one of the things I was hoping to get out of this forum. I have stayed away from French wines for a few reasons, one being the intimidation factor, another the unfamiliarity, another being worried about making a bad choice (bad concern, I know), another that from the few French wines I had tasted, they were not to my liking at the time and therefore the faulty conclusion that French wines in general were overrated, etc etc I do have a few of the Guigal wines at home and have enjoyed them, but to take that step further afield was a big deal. Way too many choices.... Yes, I do enjoy the big Aussie Barossa style, but let's face it, those reds don't always compliment lighter foods. What about French Pinots? Some of the Pinots from OR and CA are really nice, and even the Kiwis are coming on, so any more guidance on the French side of the equation would be appreciated.

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