Chateau Latour vertical tasting 1928 - 2000

In one word - I am disappointed. For some reason, at $1000 a plate, I was expecting more, much more and my expectations weren't met despite more 100 pointers at the table than I had ever seen in one place before.

Few things I did enjoy though:
1) Fine wine is not for the people with penises only, despite the popular beliefs of few eBobers. 7 out of 16 attendees were women.
2) Out of 7, only 2 had natural breasts. I like to see the trend and improvements in this area.

The starter:
2005 Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux
Not bad but hardly justifies it's $125 retail price tag. Yes, the wine is rich, but not $125 a bottle rich.

1928 Château Latour
was the star of the ball. Fully mature, and yet alive and kicking, chalk, still relatively tanic, leather and plenty of sediments. $4000 a bottle? - Naaahhh, not worth it.

1937 Château Latour
Light, thin body, herbal notes after sitting in the glass, faint hint of thyme. 1 hour after being poured the wine regains acidity but the fruit blows off.

1949 Château Latour
Asian spice on the nose, smooth texture, tea leaves, fresh moth feel, beautiful wine.

1959 Château Latour
no nose to speak of, acidic, tanic, very tanic, more tanic than one would expect from 49 years old wine. Some folks loved it, we didn't.

1966 Château Latour
Food friendly, cedar, walnuts, long finish

1970 Château Latour
Underrated by some pro wine critics, this is the beautiful wine, fully balanced with certain sweetness to it.

1975 Château Latour
Some grassy notes, got a bit better after sitting in the glass for 1 hour.

1982 Château Latour
Very good indeed. Not 100 points good, not "you must try it before you die" good, but good nevertheless. Thick, light smoke, coffee, concentrated. Sue enjoyed it more than I did.

1989 Château Latour
Not a prize winner, but I wouldn't kick it out of bed either. Enjoyable to the last drop.

1990 Château Latour
Wine Specatator 100 pointer was far from being enjoyable. Weak, leafy, I am still wondering what happened? The wine didn't look bad in color at all.

1996 Château Latour
The biggest disapointment of the night - I happen to own 2 bottles and I expected much much more from this Parker's 99 pointer. Green pepper, green stems, green grass, and this si all I have to say about that one.

1998 Château Latour
Also seem to be under rated a bit and I am glad to have a bottle of it, I wish I had more than just one.

2000 Château Latour
Rose petals, concentration, very long finish, this one should be a winner in 20+ years. But....$1320 is a bit steep of a price tag IMHO.

by Serge Birbrair

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