Unannounced Chateau Visit
(by most famous French wine collector François Audouze)

I tell you a story about not prepared visits.

I drive in the region of Sauternes, and I am lost, and I see a man making pipi (French word) on a tree near the road.
The man had obviously a 2CV (the Citroen which was so curious), and was poorly dressed.

I ask him after he has closed his trouser : "please sir, could you tell me where is Chateau Filhot,
as I would be happy to visit it as I love its wine". And I mention some years which generally impress the people who hear that.
The man says : "follow me".
We arrive in the chateau, and the man says : "may I show you my private cellar". And for more than 2 hours he has told me stories about the history of Sauternes wines for the last centuries. It was Count de Vaucelles himself, we told me incredible and passionate stories.

So, even with not planned visits, some nice adventures could occur.

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