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Is blind tasting a worthwhile exercise?

The real question is :
Should we "judge" a wine, or should we "enjoy" a wine.

I do not participate to blind tastings of cow's meat to be sure to recognise if it is a charolaise, bazadaise, normande, bruxelloise, texan, argentinian meat. I have the meat in my plate and I say "c'est bon".

I do not say : the meat of tonight deserves 91 points. But as I bought it for $30 a pound, it makes it better than the meat of last night which I paid $50 a pound and had only a note of 92.

And, at my table, I do not ask my wife to make six steaks of cows from six different regions, just to rank which cow comes first. I has to be noted that it is easier to make a blind tasting with steaks than with wines.

I prefer to say : tonight, we drink 1982 Latour, and now, my friends, let us enjoy.
Which should I play the role of an expert when my only goal is pleasure?

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