Visit to Priorat

This was a highlight of the trip. We arrived at 11:30 am at Clos Martinet,
vineyard run by Rene's wife Sara Pérez,
who gave us the tour of the vineyards, showed winery,
and we tasted a few wines from the barrels.
Sarah showed us
an interesting technique of growing grapes, exposing the fruit to the maximum sun.
2003 is ready to go into bottles. A bit sweet for my taste.

In an hour we were on our way, few miles down the road, to Clos Mogador
winery. Rene Barbier
is an incredible host. We tasted several wines from the barrels
, 2003 and 2004. All French oak, and the wines just
took the breath away. I don't drive stick shift, so I was finishing all glasses Michael (who did do the driving).
Rene, as the name suggests, is 1/2 French, his family arrived at Priorat from France many moons ago
and he sticks to French balanced, terroir tradition and creates perfect marriage
between Priorat roots and French viticulture.

The winery visit was trumped by the lunch we had with Rene at his restaurant.
7! course lunch with more wines than I could count,
whites, reds, Rene was pouring them and telling the history of each one.
The Chef introduced himself before lunch and he is also a charecter.
Japanese parents, Culinary education in France and South America,
built a solid foundation for masterpieces he created for lunch.
Needless to say I slept like a baby on the way back to Barcelona.
That was one heck of a day! If you are in the area, don't miss this visit!

Rene can be reached via his website
for reservation. We got ALL the 2002 Clos Mogador bottles from the store ,
and unfortunatelly, NONE of the Clos Martinet were available for sale.
more about Priorat, it's history and modern day revolution and revolutionaires:

more pictures from the trip: and
Rene, Sara, thanks once again for a day we won't forget any time soon.

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