St Innocent winemaker Mark Vlossak disagrees

We made the short run and visited St. Innocent. I wish we didn't. There are more wood in their wines than fit in the bottle, and this in cludes whites we tasted.

2006 Freedom Hill Pinot Blanc - hard to guess grape, oak masks it all

2006 Anden Vineyard Chardonay - oak masks the grape but Chard butterness still sticks out. Somebody should pinch the winemaker and tell him that this is Oregon and not California.

2006 Villages Cuvee Pinot Noir - Those oaks would be better off in the forest growing up and cleaning the air. Villages...if this is not a pretencios crap, than I don't know what pretencious crap is. What "villages" in Oregon!? Did winemaker thought he was in Burgundy? He needs to be waken up. Lots of heat/alcohol on the finish. This is NOT "Villages", no sirrie Bob..

2006 Temperence Hill Pinot Noir - let's all join Green Party and hug the trees.

2006 Zenith Vineyard Pinot Noir - feminine, rounded tannins, no muscles and less noticable oak, I bought 2 bottles.

2006 Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir - Patricia Green, Ken Wright and others who get grapes from this
vineyard and tasted by me - you can sleep well, St. Innocent is not your competition.
Bitter finish was the most memorable thing about this one.
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